Banana, oat & spelt pancakes
Cacao, vanilla & berry marble cake

cookies (biscuits)

child-friendly savoury
Red alphabet soup (roasted tomato soup with pasta)
Spinach, fetta & rice fingers
Cheesy-mite scrolls (wholegrain)
wholesome & tasty chicken nuggets
chicken & vegetable sausage rolls with spelt puff pastry
cheesy flax crackers


  1. I am so gad I stumbled across your blog! I am new to the thermomix world and am really not brave enough to convert my "clean" and healthy recipes yet. I feel that this is making me use the Thermomix less then I would like to be.

    if you have any fellow bloggers that are on the same path nutrition wise please let me know:)

  2. Hi & welcome! I do know how you are feeling, but it won't be long til you are converting with the best of us I promise :) Just keep playing starting with the EDC recipes. I started making alterations to these recipes immediately. Have fun experimenting, but I'm very happy to help you with some tips if you need them. Visit me on my Facebook page for a chat:) You'll also spot my favourite blogs here. There are also loads of Thermomix owners with FB pages, playing about with recipes. . . otherwise the Recipe Community is also a great place to start.

  3. Hi! I can't believe I've had my Thermie since Christmas and have only just found you??!?!! Thank goodness :) Yoir recipes look awesome and I'll be making the pumpkin soup first up today (what I was googling for ;) )

    Thank you for sharing your work. Roz

    1. Hi Roz and welcome! Please leave a comment as you try the recipes. Any questions please let me know. Have fun!

  4. I am slowly working my way through your recipes, they have all been really successful so far! So I keep coming back for more!

    1. I am very late with this reply I apologise! I hope you are still enjoying my recipes. Thanks for your comment here x