Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Why this blog?

February, 2012

This blog was born out of a passion I have had since a teenager when I first became interested in nutrition, healthy recipes and cooking. I have been collecting, adapting and creating my own recipes since then and more recently have gone crazy for, wait for it . . . Thermomixing! I once dreamt of publishing my own recipe book, but these days I'm just satisfied with my friends & family recipe exchange group on Facebook, and now, taking a step into unknown territory (for me) with this blog! I'm a busy mum of two who works part-time, so it may take a while to move my collection of recipes across to this blog, and for most, it will mean converting them for the Thermomix. I'm busy developing new recipes at the moment too, but you should expect at least one new recipe per week some weeks maybe more . . . let's see how I go!
I have been a Thermomix owner since 2010 when my gorgeous husband (who is known for his kitchen-themed gifts . . which btw I love), surprised me with the ultimate gift for Christmas! Owning a Thermomix has provided me with the means to do so much more with my passion than I had ever imagined possible, and for a bit of fun, I am eager to share my experiences with anyone out there who is interested . . and if you're not, well at least I have a catalogue of my recipes online :)
By the way, I am not a Thermomix consultant, although I would jump at the opportunity to become one if it were possible in Hong Kong. Mostly because I'd love an excuse to demonstrate the wonders of this amazing machine to others. It truly lives up to its reputation as 'the world's smallest kitchen'!  Just perfect for a kitchen where space is an issue, which is not uncommon in Hong Kong. Personally, I am lucky to have a fairly good-sized kitchen, but it could soon be more spacious as my Thermomix makes so many of my old appliances obsolete :)  Put simply it out-performs them, and believe me I can back this up. 
I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I'm sure I will enjoy creating it. I welcome any comments and suggestions along the way. Thanks for reading me!

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  1. glad i found yr blog. perfect timing as im a thermimis newbie n my son just started schl in year 1. need lots of nutritiuos recipes for his snackbox. im frm msia btw.

  2. Happy to help! The TM is great for preparing nutritious child-friendly recipes. I hope your son is enjoying his new snacks :)